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All you need is TILE… FOOD

When was the last time you traveled to Italy? Are you missing it yet?

I am sure you miss walking the HUGE Cersaie area and visiting all the different and alike-looking booths.

Italy is this… Happy anniversary LASAGNA

Italy is this…

Happy anniversary


How important is the human factor in what we do?

From the technicians putting together the perfect formula for a beautiful product to the WOODWORKER creating unique pieces by simply using different pressures to the installer preparing the floor and installing the materials

In a technology driven industry there is one thing that remains inimitable because it is unpredictable.

Never underestimate the Value of the Human Factor!


I am sure you miss being offered an espresso coffee in every single booth you stepped into.

I am also sure you miss seeing the ‘latest and greatest’ tile products made exclusively for every single tile company you have met, (this is at least what I remember from my times of being a customer instead of a sales representative)…..Just kidding, I am sure what you really miss is the FOOD.

I have been thinking about a way to compare food and tiles … and I came up with a series of videos where I point out what makes Italian tiles so special.

Here is the first video, not as easy as it seems to create the perfect “SPAGHETTI al POMODORO” and so very easy to mess it up.

Like tiles, ingredients and processes are the KEY to the perfect result.

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